Parallels Desktop Windows Linux 2012.21

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Simultaneously run Windows, Linux, Mac OS on your PC with Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux, virtualization desktop software for everyday use! From application developers to power users and corporate desktops, personal computer virtualization software has become a mainstream component in the productivity toolkit. Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux includes superior technology bundled together in an easy to use package.

The best solution for your needs:

-Improve reaction time
Parallels templating, VM cloning and pre-built virtual appliances allow you to eliminate repetitive tasks and respond faster to trouble shooting, testing and web development needs. Build once and share virtual machines across Windows, Linux and Mac OS X to support distributed teams and improve consistency.

-Increase productivity
Integration of host and virtual machines is a key component of usability and productivity. Parallel Desktop for Windows & Linux simplifies the sharing of removable media, USB devices, files, folders and copy/paste across the host and virtual machines to help streamline getting the job done.

Why use Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux?

Easy to install, easy to use
Fast to setup, intuitive to use, Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux is designed from the ground up to make running multiple operating systems simple to use every day.

Lighting fast performance
From simple to complex environments Parallels Desktop for Windows & Linux gives you control over of up to 8 virtual CPUs, 8GB of virtual memory & 2TB virtual hard drives which are all complimented with our adaptive hypervisor optimization which improves performance and keeps you productive.

Flexible to meet your needs
Parallels Desktop installs on a wide variety of Windows & Linux variations supporting both 32 and 64 bit environments for tremendous flexibility.

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